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Asia tour is very suitable for backpackers like me or you all. you need to visit Khaosan Road in Thailand if you want to choose a tour Back Packer. Because, that’s where all the white elephant of State travel information, including other countries can be obtained. It is easy to reach the Khaosan Road, because the available facilities and the airport shuttle bus to Don Muang at the rate of 100 baht ($ 52.5). From this place, all the attractions in Thailand range from tracking tour in Chiang Mai, Golden Triangle (the border between Thailand, Burma and Laos) in Chiang Rai, ballet Siam in the Rose Garden, in Samut Prakan Crocodile, or along the Ayuthaya Ancient City over lunch on a cruise, floating market at Damnoen Saduak, gemstone center in Kanchaburi, snorkeling on some islands such as Koh Samet, Koh Samui, Phi Phi Island, Pattaya beach complete with a dish and a half Men Women Dance (hermaphrodite) and the beautiful nan so forth. Read More


Balancing Rock in Canada is a unique one  tourism, it’s kind of stone that Standing there  For Thousands of Years

sometimes, we saw many natural events or unique natural shape. like a frozen waterfall in China of late. and there are various other unique things around the world. Nature often do things that fell impossible in the human mind, becomes a real thing. An example is this unique tour are located in Canada, at a tourist site in Canada, precisely located in Digby, Long Island. There is a standing stone with the full balance for thousands of years. truly unique is not it? can you imagine?that stone for thousands of years it stood without ever falling. Read More

Bali is the famous tourism around the world and also cultural and natural tourism

who doesn’t know about Bali? Bali is the most visited place by tourist all around the world. beautiful views, best traveling and easy to got there. you don’t have to spent your many much. Bali attraction and tourism provide some extra ordinary place and resort for you. yo can make a love story and unforgotable moment in  Bali. If you like some hand craft or souvenirs, there are so many beautiful thing there, such as painting, sculpture and so many ting.

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thousand island or “kepulauan seribu”, just called it pulau seribu located  in Indonesia: best natural tourism, famouse views of islands

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Thousand Islands in the sea of Java Indonesia. Only 75 minutes by speed boat from Jakarta you can dream vacation to the island. But you do not worry, because we have access to the island of a thousand. We also have set up low-cost vacation packages for your holiday event by providing an unforgettable feel. For that please you specify a resort island where you’d like to visit with the specifications below. Read More

Cultural attraction and beautiful places  from India

India attraction

India attraction

India is one of the Asian country rich in culture and tradition, and in India many attractive tour packages. It has a magnificent state of Rajasthan, picturesque Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, etc. But Kerala is the most interesting and charming of all states in India. This is a place that has an unparalleled beauty and can not be compared to the tourist destinations of the world. The charming natural beauty of Kerala and soothe the eyes. Kerala tour packages are required for the stunning backwaters, houseboats, untouched beaches, beautiful hill stations and natural beauty is captivating. Read More

Maldives is the best, famous beach attraction and natural place

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Maldives is famous attraction, specially famous one about beach tourism, traveling, best journey to take some vacation. throughout the world. if you want to travel with the natural atmosphere and can enjoy a romantic atmosphere with your lover, let alone you are going to honeymoon, my perfect one. Countries with a collection of small islands forming the atoll lies about 800 km from north to south in the northern Indian Ocean. Maldives is a range of 26 atoll consisting of 1190 small islands and only 198 of them are inhabited. Read More

Shindu Beach is a part of Bali’s beautiful attraction

when we are talking about Bali, there are so many beautiful places for vacation, traveling or tourism destination. specially in nature  views as beaches. we see that Sanur and Nusa Dua are some of them, and now, let me introduce you to Shindu Beach.

Sunny in Shindu beach

Sunny in Shindu beach

Shindu Beach has not been so familiar: Shindu beach, but this beach has an exotic panorama of not less than the other beaches in Bali. Both foreign and domestic tourists seem to have many people know the existence and the beautiful panorama of this beach, so they are many who come here to enjoy the soft white sand and the waves are. Read More

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