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Sagrada Familia from ancient

Sagrada Familia beautiful La Concha

Palacio Real of spain

Palacio RealBuls festival

FORGET about vacation plans at home or just a stroll to some tourist sites in your city to save. Try to plan a vacation to Spain. Relax, do not worry be wasteful because Spain was the most expensive tourist destination in Europe. Especially for British tourists, they will certainly save a lot of cash. Because, according to survey results, Spain is a country with the cheapest cost in Europe in four years.The recession that hit Spain some time ago has slashed many prices, especially when it was noted that the number of Britons visiting the country dropped 15-20 percent. Prices hotel, food and daily necessities were comparatively more affordable in Spain than in other tourist destinations.According to a poll held by Post Office Travel Money, Miami is the most expensive tourist destination, with an average price of food and daily necessities reach 92.81 pounds. Whereas for the same facility, noted, in France and Italy only 80 pounds, 70 pounds in Brighton, Egypt, and Cyprus. Even in Spain, it only costs 42.15 pounds.After years of setting standards high prices with low visitor numbers, the cost of travel in Spain is now 36 percent cheaper than in 2007. Affordability is also no doubt make Spain a favorite holiday destination with visitor numbers up 11 percent per year in 2011.

Some of Spanish Tourism:

1. Palacio Real: The Palacio Real (Royal Palace) of Madrid is the official residence of the King of Spain although it is only used for state ceremonies. The Royal Palace was built between 1738 to 1755 and King Carlos III took up residence in the palace in 1764 Read More

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