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Cultural attraction and beautiful places  from India

India attraction

India attraction

India is one of the Asian country rich in culture and tradition, and in India many attractive tour packages. It has a magnificent state of Rajasthan, picturesque Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, etc. But Kerala is the most interesting and charming of all states in India. This is a place that has an unparalleled beauty and can not be compared to the tourist destinations of the world. The charming natural beauty of Kerala and soothe the eyes. Kerala tour packages are required for the stunning backwaters, houseboats, untouched beaches, beautiful hill stations and natural beauty is captivating. Read More

Mendut temple as the unique tourism on the world wanna share again about cultural tourism in indonesia. another religious temple beside Borobudur and Bali temple is Mendut temple. now, let me introduce you all about Mendut it is.

Mendut tample

Mendut tample

background is a Buddhist temple. This temple is situated in the village Mendut, Mungkid district, Magelang regency, Central Java, a few kilometers from the temple of Borobudur. Read More


Formerly a resident of Bali real faiths who believe in nature, but after going through the process of adaptation of Population descendants of Majapahit, Balinese Hindu population generally, although now it has a lot of Balinese people are also other religions. Balinese Hindu belief in a little different from the beliefs of the Hindu kingdom of Majapahit who originally came from India, because the Balinese culture has been through the process of adaptation of these two kinds of people.


            Province of Bali is one of the province which is quite popular in Indonesia because it is one of the country’s foreign exchange assets of Indonesia is quite high in the field of tourism. Capital of the Province of Bali is Denpasar.Province of Bali itself does not only consist of islands (gods) Bali alone, but also consists of many other islands, for example the island of Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan, and others – others.Astronomically Bali Province is located at 8 ° S and 115 ° East.This area still has a tropical climate like other province in Indonesia.Geographically, the province borders the province of East Java and Bali Strait on the west, north Bali Sea, Indian Ocean to the south, and the Lombok Strait in the east.Bali’s population consists of two, which is a native of Bali or also known as Bali Aga (read: bali age) and residents of Balinese descent Majapahit. While the Balinese culture has a unique culture because it has not been influenced by other cultures.

Some ceremony in Bali

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