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How To Make a good and Best article For your Blog?


Actually this is not collection of tutorial articles. But the only tips to make a tutorial article that I share. Reflecting the experience, here are some tips for writing articles tutorials? you have to pay attention from some step: Systematic form, Getting a Case Study, Finding the variation case, Use the Popular language, Maximize the  Screen Shoot, give some Humor sense, contacted. here it is for details:
1. Systematic form.
The explanation begins with a simple explanation along with examples of light to the heaviest. If necessary, write a little background and history of the event will answer the reason why the reader should continue to follow your tutorial.
2. Getting a Case Study.
It is not easy to find a case study. But if you often  blog and exchange ideas with experts like Mizan, alan and you’ll get a detailed explanation of this. For example, the benefits and side effects of the use of a tool for two different blog themes. Read More
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