Windmill in Holland is a Unique Tourism, Attraction for Adventures

when we are talking about Holland, we will talk also about Holland Tourism, Attraction, travelling. Holland tourism or Holland is a country that should be visited if you are a true adventurer, if you are traveling lovers or lovers of travel. Europe especially the Netherlands is a country that has its own allure. Holland is famous for its country capable of standing on the sea, certainly not by magic, but with science or architecture that has been develops by the country since the first. The windmill at the beginning of its existence in the Netherlands about the 13th century served to push the water into the ocean in order to form a new, more extensive land (polders) considering the geographic location of most of the Holland Tourism, Attraction, travelling. Holland tourism or Holland  territory is below sea level. With developments in technology, 17th century windmills used also as a means of helpers in agriculture and manufacturing industries such as paper, wood sharpening, removing oil from the seeds, to grind corn. Number of windmills around 10,000 centuries ago and now lives about 1000 windmills. Most of the windmills are still functioning well as a very interesting attraction. Anyone who has ever been to the Netherlands can certainly be looking for a windmill. Read More


Bali is the famous tourism around the world and also cultural and natural tourism

who doesn’t know about Bali? Bali is the most visited place by tourist all around the world. beautiful views, best traveling and easy to got there. you don’t have to spent your many much. Bali attraction and tourism provide some extra ordinary place and resort for you. yo can make a love story and unforgotable moment in  Bali. If you like some hand craft or souvenirs, there are so many beautiful thing there, such as painting, sculpture and so many ting.

Read More

thousand island or “kepulauan seribu”, just called it pulau seribu located  in Indonesia: best natural tourism, famouse views of islands

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Thousand Islands in the sea of Java Indonesia. Only 75 minutes by speed boat from Jakarta you can dream vacation to the island. But you do not worry, because we have access to the island of a thousand. We also have set up low-cost vacation packages for your holiday event by providing an unforgettable feel. For that please you specify a resort island where you’d like to visit with the specifications below. Read More

Cultural attraction and beautiful places  from India

India attraction

India attraction

India is one of the Asian country rich in culture and tradition, and in India many attractive tour packages. It has a magnificent state of Rajasthan, picturesque Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, etc. But Kerala is the most interesting and charming of all states in India. This is a place that has an unparalleled beauty and can not be compared to the tourist destinations of the world. The charming natural beauty of Kerala and soothe the eyes. Kerala tour packages are required for the stunning backwaters, houseboats, untouched beaches, beautiful hill stations and natural beauty is captivating. Read More

Maldives is the best, famous beach attraction and natural place

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Maldives is famous attraction, specially famous one about beach tourism, traveling, best journey to take some vacation. throughout the world. if you want to travel with the natural atmosphere and can enjoy a romantic atmosphere with your lover, let alone you are going to honeymoon, my perfect one. Countries with a collection of small islands forming the atoll lies about 800 km from north to south in the northern Indian Ocean. Maldives is a range of 26 atoll consisting of 1190 small islands and only 198 of them are inhabited. Read More

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taken from my fb notes: I write this, because this is a valentine days.

everybody wanna share about their love story, so do I.

i said

“you live far away from me. we seems on the same place but we arent.
all around each of us is different at all.
we are different in all the ways and things,but in love.
rest of my live,i just waiting the one like you and no others .i never found like you before.thanks.
i see what you see.
i felt what you felt.
i heard what you heard.
you are a half of mine, so do i.
time,place and the fact are not belong to us.take it easy .
its gonna be oke and we have to belive that we gonna be the best.
make it a beautiful story as a part of our live.
together or not,you will always happy.amen
my praying is always for you..
take care…………..”

on my mind “I meet her, so someday I have to be separated from her too. I realized that one thing. it doest matter how short time I shared with her as long as I have the best”

for you the most I loved, where ever you are, or who ever with you, i just pray that you will always fine and happy.

from my deepest hearth ” I love you” thanks for being my part yesterday…………………….

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