One  of the seven wonders of nature is KOMODO ISLAND. small island in Indonesia, province of Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT). small island, but Komodo island is  very beauty, famous. the are the only Dragon on the world. its called “KOMODO”, biggest reptile one on earth. you can see only in indonesia. Many things that you can see and do here. An amazing experience when you see the Komodo dragon up close in their natural habitat along the guide of course. On the island of Rinca, you can see the dragons lie outside the national park rangers or lying near a house officer. Previously, to be able to see the Komodo dragon, you have to give a goat to attract the attention of the Komodo dragon, but it is already prohibited at this time. Read More


Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure, beyond measure.

Ima show you, how great I am.

Last night I cut the light off in my bedroom, hit the switch, and was in the bed before the room was dark.

Ima show you, how great I am.

Only last week, I murdered a rock, injured a stone, hospitalized a brick, Im so mean I make medicine sick. Read More

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taken from my fb notes: I write this, because this is a valentine days.

everybody wanna share about their love story, so do I.

i said

“you live far away from me. we seems on the same place but we arent.
all around each of us is different at all.
we are different in all the ways and things,but in love.
rest of my live,i just waiting the one like you and no others .i never found like you before.thanks.
i see what you see.
i felt what you felt.
i heard what you heard.
you are a half of mine, so do i.
time,place and the fact are not belong to us.take it easy .
its gonna be oke and we have to belive that we gonna be the best.
make it a beautiful story as a part of our live.
together or not,you will always happy.amen
my praying is always for you..
take care…………..”

on my mind “I meet her, so someday I have to be separated from her too. I realized that one thing. it doest matter how short time I shared with her as long as I have the best”

for you the most I loved, where ever you are, or who ever with you, i just pray that you will always fine and happy.

from my deepest hearth ” I love you” thanks for being my part yesterday…………………….

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Taking the Kids and Traveling Smarter

its tips in United state travel or tourism, but you can also use it, just pai attention to the Underlined and italic words, oke……..
ileen Ogintz shares her ideas for  hassle-free travel this summer vacation season. She can help you figure out where to take the kids without busting the budget or going crazy in the process. That’s because traveling with kids is just like raising them—messy, aggravating and expensive, not to mention wonderful too!

family vacation in summer

family vacation in summer

family vacation in summer

Here we go again.

So what if gas prices are crazy high. Memorial Day kicks off the summer vacation season and that means we’ve got to figure out where we’re going to take the kids without busting the budget or going crazy in the process. That’s because traveling with kids is just like raising them—messy, aggravating and expensive. Did I say wonderful?

Believe me, I know. I’ve traveled with my three kids and a gaggle of other young friends and relatives  from national parks to major cities,  diving in the Caribbean  and climbing to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, bycruise ship and sailboat, plane and minivan. We’ve had plenty of adventures and missteps along the way that invariably lead to the best memories.

Here are 6 ways to travel smarter this summer: Read More

Bali has special language LANGUAGE 
Bali language consists of three languages namely bali alus (main), intermediate language bali, bali coarse language (insult).Examples of the language back from “eating” for all three languages starting from the most subtle is Ngiunan, Ngajeng, Medar.Of course all three languages is an important factor differentiating between one caste to another.Because, alus language (major) usually worn by the Brahmans, intermediate language used by the Knights and the Vaishya, and bali coarse language generally used by the Sudras.

Borobudur is the great tample from ancient time of Hindi religion at Magelang, Jawa tengan, INDONESIA

The Borobudur Temple Is Considered As One Of THE SEVEN WONDERS OF THE WORLD. This temple is located at Borobudur District, South of Magelang, Central Java. The expression of experts who had been studying Borobudur Temple varied someway. Bernet Kempers’ expression was: “Borobudur is Borobudur”, meaning that Borobudur Temple is very unique in her own way. Nieuwen kamp (an artist) imaginated Borobudur as “a big lotus flower bud ready to bloom” which was “floating” on a lake. Nieuwenkamp’s imagination was supported by N. Rangkuti (1987) that from the air, the Borobudur Temple looks floating. From the geological studies, experts were able to prove that Borobudur area was one time a big lake. Most of the villages around Borobudur Temple were at the same altitude, 235 meters above the sea-level. The same altitude included the Pawon and Mendut temples. Thus the area under 235 meter altitude was below the lake water level.
Based on the inscription dated 842 AD, Casparis suggested that Borobudur was one time a place for praying. The inscription stated a phrase such as: “Kawulan i Bhumi Sambhara”. Kawulan means the origin of holiness, “bhumi sambhara” is a name of a place in Borobudur. Paul Mus stated that Borobudur Temple had the structure of stupa (conical form) with double expression. As a whole, the Borobudur Temple was an open-flat stupa, but on the other hand, the temple expressed the idea of a “closed world”. The latter expression could be felt when one is already inside the temple. Whenever person is inside the temple, his or her view will be limited to high walls full on relieves, the verandah is always squared in such a way that one could not see other parts of the temple, even in a same floor. The same feeling happened if one stood on arupadhatu round platform, he or she will have a wider view only on that level, but are not able to see the lower level nor the upper level like the one on rupadhatu and kamandhatu. It could be said that Borobudur is a symbol of cosmic mountain covered by the sky roof, a specific world that could be reached through isolated alleys as stages. The closed structural design of the temple expressed the concept of a closed world, not just a technical reasons as had been suggested by other experts ( Daud AT, 1987). Read More

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