National park as Tourism attraction and also as the rare animal protection

endemic bird species of kelimutu

Maybe some of you have never tried trekking to Lake Flores, but some may still dreaming to visit it. The lake, which has three colors at the top of this locatedin Kelimutu National Park.

Travel by rental car with a capacity of seven seats can keep you entertained with impressive scenery along the road for several hours. Winding journey that connects the island covering an area of 350 kilometers is however also a fair price for the beauty of the panorama of Flores who deserves to be discussed.

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Wellcome to GERMANY

Berlin, the great of German

Berlin, the great of German

Germany has a wealth of attractions, stemming from its rich cultural tradition and gorgeous landscapes. The country possesses a bustling nightlife, numerous holidays and festivals, and picturesque scenery. Composed of sixteen states, each with their own personality, Germany is a major industrialized nation, but don’t let that fool you—there are miles and miles of natural wonders to behold: from the Black Forest to the Bavarian Alps to the beaches on the Baltic and North Seas. Read More

Indonesia Tourism

The Republic of Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world comprising 17,504 large and small tropical islands fringed with white sandy beaches, many still uninhabited and a number even still unnamed. Straddling the equator, situated between the continents of Asia and Australia and between the Pacific and the Indian Oceans, it is as wide as the United States from San Francisco to New York, equaling the distance between London and Moscow.  Indonesia has a total population of more than 215 million people from more than 200 ethnic groups. The national language is Bahasa Indonesia.

Among the most well known islands are Sumatra, Java, Bali, Kalimantan (formerly Borneo), Sulawesi (formerly Celebes), the Maluku Islands (or better known as Moluccas, the original Spice Islands) and Papua. Then, there is Bali “the world’s best island resort” with its enchanting culture, beaches, dynamic dances and music. But Indonesia still has many unexplored islands with grand mountain views, green rainforests to trek through, rolling waves to surf and deep blue pristine seas to dive in where one can swim with dugongs, dolphins and large mantarays. Read More

Tourism in Mexico

Mexico is a unique land. Composed of bright colors and assemble into an extraordinary landscape stunning. Mounts lined the waterfront to the tropical jungle and volcanoes covered with snow is high. It’s not beautiful.Indigenous people of Mexico advanced knowledge of science, mathematics, astronomy and medicine. The past that still penetrate this land. It can be found in the traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. He lives in art and music. And in a weird philosophy about life and death that makes Mexicans so unique and so charming.So if someone comes to explore the archaeological treasures, walk through the colonial cities, or just relax on the beautiful beaches, rest assured, one will bring home memories and some of the wonders of Mexico as well.

cenote dziptnut of mexico

cenote dziptnut of mexico

native of mexico

native of mexico

cancun beach

cancun beach

Mexico has a wealth of natural and cultural resources due to diverse climatic conditions and historical traditions of more than 3,000 years. This makes the country an ideal destination for international tourists.

Some of the famous tourism in mexico:


Nestled in the mountains of the Sierra de Guanajuato lies the beautiful colonial city ofGuanajuato. The city was founded in 1554 next to one of the richest silver mining areas of Mexico. The 16th-century mining boom led to the construction of beautiful haciendas and fine colonial buildings. Guanajuato streets and many colorful alleyways spread out in every direction while most of its traffic is served by a network of underground tunnels making it an excellent city for pedestrians.


Acapulco is the original Mexican resort town which came into prominence by the 1950s as a getaway for Hollywood stars and millionaires. Still, Acapulco remains a popular tourist destination especially among Mexicans and as a spring break destination among US college students. No visit to Acapulco is complete without watching the cliff divers perform their impressive jumps into ocean. They have been doing it since the 1930s, although today the divers are professionals Read More

United state tourism, Famous, amazing, Great

1. Hawaii

Hawaii located in the Polynesian Islands Around the cheap is the only state in the United States gave PART Islands. According to location, Hawaii’s populated by some big Polynesian Society.

Hawaii is a visit of the Main Areas Around the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii Beach Beauty BECAUSE Interesting What is unique with its culture. Coast-Beach in Hawaii is interesting tourist sites of natural beauty as well as waves BECAUSE place, so that the target of tourists and surfers From Around the World. In addition ITU Local people keep their culture very well, Including Typical speech As well as the unique humanity, “Aloha”.

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“Aloha” time someone used to say when he met the First, when parting cheap WHEN express love. WITH other words, YOUR Indirect someone says Love WHEN YOU WHEN YOU meet parted cheap. Interesting is not it?

In addition ITU will also famous Hawaiian hula-hula dance All he had. The dancers usually wear clothing typical of the foliage want The knitted fabric soft and cheap dancing WITH Beautiful Hand Movement.

Hawaii has a big city Honolulu Named The Main Location para tourists. The city is situated on the island of Oahu. What Can YOU find here another BETWEEN travel guides, tour cheap travel agents are also ready to help YOU Yang.

2. Universal Studios Florida

Universal Studios originally was a company in California gave the United States but the film was later developed into tourist Public Places. One Branch Of Universal Studios in Florida is located, giving the United States. A Universal Studios Florida theme park is an amusement theme WITH cheap television movie. There is a LOT cheaper attractions live show presented at The Place this tour.

Tourist attractions is Universal Studios theme park where YOU can enjoy the atmosphere or the background of a particular film. YOU may know the process of making movies, how attractions Movie Made cheap if lucky can meet famous artists WITH YOU. Read More

 Fresh of Wonosobo, Dieng Plateu, Jawa tengah

                  Wonosobo is a small city in Central Java Province of Indonesia, which lies on the slopes of several mountains and ridges. Wonosobo region situated on the slopes of Mount Sindoro, Cleft, Prahu, Bismo, and on the slopes of the mountains Telomoyo, Tampomas, and Songgoriti. The total area is 984.68 km Wonosobo regency square, located between 7 ° 11 ° and 7 ° 04 ° south latitude, 109 ° 43 ° and 110 ° 04 ° East Longitude. Wonosobo district within 120 km from the capital city of Central Java Province and 520 km from state capital (Jakarta) with a height ranging from 270 meters to 2250 meters above sea level.

Tourism Destination: Dieng temple, menjer lake, color lake, wadaslintang reservoir, mountain climbing etc.


Dieng Temple of Wonosobo Tourism destination

Wonosobo in hydrological and geological has the potential of natural very large resources. Read More

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