One  of the seven wonders of nature is KOMODO ISLAND. small island in Indonesia, province of Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT). small island, but Komodo island is  very beauty, famous. the are the only Dragon on the world. its called “KOMODO”, biggest reptile one on earth. you can see only in indonesia. Many things that you can see and do here. An amazing experience when you see the Komodo dragon up close in their natural habitat along the guide of course. On the island of Rinca, you can see the dragons lie outside the national park rangers or lying near a house officer. Previously, to be able to see the Komodo dragon, you have to give a goat to attract the attention of the Komodo dragon, but it is already prohibited at this time. Read More


Bunaken Marine park is the best one of Under the Sea World

Bunaken is a beautiful marine park in Indonesia, located diprovinci North Sulawesi. if you’ll travel to the island of Bunaken, you can easily if you are from the city of Manado. way to go to Bunaken island is by boat, rent a boat there are plenty of places dimenado, some of which are rental “Bersehati Market” and “Marina”.To be more economical, you can join the other tourists who also want to enjoy the beauty of the sea. Rates offered per person Rp 50.000, – or about U.S. $ 5 by using traditional boats, but first the passengers had to wait all seats filled, the new ship will depart. Read More

Bali is the famous tourism around the world and also cultural and natural tourism

who doesn’t know about Bali? Bali is the most visited place by tourist all around the world. beautiful views, best traveling and easy to got there. you don’t have to spent your many much. Bali attraction and tourism provide some extra ordinary place and resort for you. yo can make a love story and unforgotable moment in  Bali. If you like some hand craft or souvenirs, there are so many beautiful thing there, such as painting, sculpture and so many ting.

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thousand island or “kepulauan seribu”, just called it pulau seribu located  in Indonesia: best natural tourism, famouse views of islands

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Thousand Islands in the sea of Java Indonesia. Only 75 minutes by speed boat from Jakarta you can dream vacation to the island. But you do not worry, because we have access to the island of a thousand. We also have set up low-cost vacation packages for your holiday event by providing an unforgettable feel. For that please you specify a resort island where you’d like to visit with the specifications below. Read More

Shindu Beach is a part of Bali’s beautiful attraction

when we are talking about Bali, there are so many beautiful places for vacation, traveling or tourism destination. specially in nature  views as beaches. we see that Sanur and Nusa Dua are some of them, and now, let me introduce you to Shindu Beach.

Sunny in Shindu beach

Sunny in Shindu beach

Shindu Beach has not been so familiar: Shindu beach, but this beach has an exotic panorama of not less than the other beaches in Bali. Both foreign and domestic tourists seem to have many people know the existence and the beautiful panorama of this beach, so they are many who come here to enjoy the soft white sand and the waves are. Read More

keep romantic in minim budget is no problem 

romantic tourism but cheap

romantic tourism but cheap

When we talk about how to make our couple happy and more loved us, we want to make our give some special thing to our beloved, give diamond,  car, apartment or anything else. all we done is about how to make our couple happy, that’s all. and some times, we want to take her for vacation or get some travel, tourism trip to best island or best destination, its fine as long as you have a budget. but, what if you don’t have enough budget? that’s gonna be some kind of problem. But, its ok, if you want tobe more creative or more thinking about it. Read More

Karapan Sapi or Bulls Race in Madura East Java of Indonesia

Kerapan Sapi in Madura, Indonesia

Kerapan Sapi in Madura, Indonesia

There are so many interesting and unique tourism in Indonesia, natural attractions like beaches in Bali, Lombok also there is a unique addition. not far from the island of Lombok and Bali islands, there is the island of Madura, there is a unique and exciting tour.
people call it a Karapan Sapi or bull race . like-like race, who is to finish first, it’s the winner. Read More

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