pyramid in Egypt 2

pyramid in Egypt 2

Egypt is one country in Africa, situated north Africa. Egypt is famous for its advanced civilization in the past. There are many historic buildings in Egypt. one of which is a pyramid. pyramid to be one of the seven wonders of the world. pyramid precursor legacy inherited by the various wealth building stories history.
today, the pyramids in Egypt became one of the most exciting attractions in the world. more people than any hemisphere want to see how the original shape of the pyramid, wanted to know what is inside the pyramid. and wanted to know why the pyramids, etc. Read More


Africa Safari Tourism

see the real lion

see the real lion

When it comes to holiday safari, know why? as in africa unspoiled or really natural places and extent of course than other continents. as are safari tours, safari there is very broad and much wildlife. there is no better place than the African continent. Africa is blessed with vast grasslands and rain forests are packed with animals. The continent is known for fauna and has always been a favorite vacation spot for many animal lovers. Tanzania and Kenya are the most visited places in Africa when it comes to safari. Read More

jamaica's harbour

Jamaican's harbour

Jamaica as the most Exotic and famous place of Bob Marley

Jamaica is a Caribbean island that offers exotic natural and full of adventure, Jamaica Caribbean islands also which is an island full of mystery and a lot of unexpected things.

Kingston is the capital of Jamaica as well as the largest English-speaking city in the entire Caribbean. City of Kingston was built in 1692 to replace the capital at that time, Port Royal, which was destroyed by the earthquake. Read More

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