oi ssejati

oi ssejati

It’s the title or the brand of this site. Why “thetact” comes from the attraction. So, it’s about the attraction, tourism, and traveling. The author try to give all the things about attraction, such as natural places, best places all around the world, historical places, and so many more.  There’re also many information outside, like global information that provide some useful information: Health, blogging, movie, etc.

About the author

I am “Oi”, other words is “Orang Indonesia”, in English is Indonesian.  I am teacher, blogger, adventurer, writer, and exactly the son of my lovely mother . I speak in Indonesia, English, Malay, more than the third, I usually helped by dictionary. I am  the ordinary one. I’d like to share about everything with people’s, even I don’t know them. I am happy on it. the wise man said “ your live will be more meaning when you share”. I applied it, and I see the content he said, I got understand about what mean’s sharing.

 Well, enjoy my web site

All of is my sharing, you may read, copy, or anything you want to do is fine, just make sure that you got messages about how to sharing, specially about all around the world attraction. Enjoy my site.

my another site .

I do hope, my enjoyed information for all of you.

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