Thailand attraction for backpacker

Asia tour is very suitable for backpackers like me or you all. you need to visit Khaosan Road in Thailand if you want to choose a tour Back Packer. Because, that’s where all the white elephant of State travel information, including other countries can be obtained. It is easy to reach the Khaosan Road, because the available facilities and the airport shuttle bus to Don Muang at the rate of 100 baht ($ 52.5). From this place, all the attractions in Thailand range from tracking tour in Chiang Mai, Golden Triangle (the border between Thailand, Burma and Laos) in Chiang Rai, ballet Siam in the Rose Garden, in Samut Prakan Crocodile, or along the Ayuthaya Ancient City over lunch on a cruise, floating market at Damnoen Saduak, gemstone center in Kanchaburi, snorkeling on some islands such as Koh Samet, Koh Samui, Phi Phi Island, Pattaya beach complete with a dish and a half Men Women Dance (hermaphrodite) and the beautiful nan so forth.

Fantastic, the price is very cheap, and are usually offered in packages complete with accommodations, entrance fees and meals tourist sites.

there are so many travel agents who open businesses along Khaosan Road, which as if it never sleeps. In the early morning rush divided officials of foreign tourists according to destination, while the afternoon the road is full of tourist traffic to and from the souvenir shops, travel agencies, restaurants, hotel, or a money changer.

khao san road in thailand

khao san road in thailand

In essence, all the tourist needs is available at Khaosan Road. As the afternoon, some of the travel agent again gave the command of tourists clustered according to their destination. At night, the streets as if turned into cafes, where berajojing, drinking, or “Sanook” (Thai language which means having fun).

Khaosan Road is not wrong if it became a favorite of Back Packers model class hippies, sloppy, tacky, bertatto, without clothes, and look wrinkled because rarely bath) to the elegant class. Moreover, as long as this place is relatively safe from the threat of bombs and the like. Proved when the Bali bombing tragedy, Khaosan Road guarded security officer who rode back and forth so that there was no impact of tourist visits in Thailand.

The services provided to tourists in addition to tours in packages, as well as visa services to various countries. Prices offered by travel agents in Khaosan Road does not make sense sometimes it was so cheap. For example, for purposes ranging from 300 to Siem Reap Bath ($ 7.5). It is conceivable to go abroad with a trip that took nearly 12 hours is only about U.S. $ 7.5 thousand. Price about  applies in almost all travel agencies along Khaosan Road.

One interesting thing to observe is the only travel agency serving the order further order of the tourists traveling affairs handed over to the other party. So the travel agent did not do their own transportation business, but there are others who then coordinate with other travel agents.

For the price of tour packages offered are relatively different from each other, but without any contrast differences. Therefore, it is better to do some comparisons before deciding on a particular travel agency.

Only, you must be alert to choose a tour package offered, for the promotion and reality sometimes differ considerably. Want an example? Sea World Promotion Thailand Pattaya is located in an area best described as the South-East Asia.

pattaya beach in thailand

pattaya beach in thailand

Be careful also to choose outdoor activities such as tracking in rural Chiang Mai because it was too heavy for the size of Indonesia, especially when we are grouped with Western tourists. It is as if they were one step away, we walked 2 times.

One thing that is admirable attempt to exploit existing tourism resources, through large-scale promotion and coordination to make the trip from across Khaosan Road still alive, still visited and became a favorite place for young tourists from all over.

above is my simple description about attraction in Thailand, hopes you enjoy all 🙂


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