Bunaken Marine park is the best one of Under the Sea World

Bunaken Marine park is the best one of Under the Sea World

Bunaken is a beautiful marine park in Indonesia, located diprovinci North Sulawesi. if you’ll travel to the island of Bunaken, you can easily if you are from the city of Manado. way to go to Bunaken island is by boat, rent a boat there are plenty of places dimenado, some of which are rental “Bersehati Market” and “Marina”.To be more economical, you can join the other tourists who also want to enjoy the beauty of the sea. Rates offered per person Rp 50.000, – or about U.S. $ 5 by using traditional boats, but first the passengers had to wait all seats filled, the new ship will depart.

For those of you who do not like crowds, are renting a private boat from Manado to Bunaken with Bersehati Markets at a rate of 300.000 rupias to 400.000 thousand or about U.S. $ 30 – $ 40. Meanwhile, if the applicable rate of Marina is more expensive at around Rp 600.000 rupias – 800.000 USD or about U.S. $ 60 – $ 80. The rental price includes round trip Manado, Bunaken is reached within 30 to 40 minutes.

Should make sure that the price offered is already covering the entire facility, so that later you will no longer incur other costs. Prices are set to each visitor is different, it all depends on your bargaining skill.

Enjoy the beauty of the sea, you have to go through two trips, in the beginning you will be taken by boat to the ship to sea, then you will transit to a glass vessel which was waiting. From here you can see the beauty of Bunaken marine natural panorama on the sea floor.

If you want to see the beauty of Bunaken marine nature more clear, you can use a submarine the Blue Banter. However, the submarine will operate only during high tides. Sights you can see from the submarine is certainly amazing, because you will be directly under the water surface.

Some tourists who go there seem very eager to see the beauty of this marine park through the glass vessels and submarines. In terms of tariffs, climb aboard the glass is much cheaper than a submarine.

There are two villages on the island of Bunaken, the Bunaken village with a population of about 3,400 people and Anung Banua village with a population of about 1000 people the majority are farmers and fishermen is 25% of them work in tourism.

Bunaken become an icon of tourism in North Sulawesi are famous throughout the world. It is evident from the tourists or visitors who come from different countries. most of them want enjoy beauty beneath the sea water which is amazing. Bunaken community is very welcome by tourism activities.
There are many stout gal or tourism activities that can be done in the Bunaken marine tourism, including: including diving, snorkelling, underwater photograph, underwater video, rental boats and dolphin tours. You do not need to worry, because the facility equipment to see the charm of Bunaken marine park are all available there and you can get in Richia’s Rental, a rental place in the Coast region Liang Bunaken.

If you feel tired after a day of touring, Nelson Restaurant and Bungalow can be an alternative resting place. Accommodation is very comfortable even without AC.

When asked about Bunaken who are under capacity, suggesting that Bunaken directly under the supervision of the local municipal government. However, the management handed over to a special institution of Bunaken National Park Management Board.

do not worry about your safety in Bunaken. safety and environmental hygiene has been maintained by the people there, the government of Indonesia is also very concerned and welcome to tourists from everywhere.
welcome to Bunaken marine tourism, Indonesia.

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