Balancing Rock in Canada is a unique one tourism

Balancing Rock in Canada is a unique one  tourism, it’s kind of stone that Standing there  For Thousands of Years

sometimes, we saw many natural events or unique natural shape. like a frozen waterfall in China of late. and there are various other unique things around the world. Nature often do things that fell impossible in the human mind, becomes a real thing. An example is this unique tour are located in Canada, at a tourist site in Canada, precisely located in Digby, Long Island. There is a standing stone with the full balance for thousands of years. truly unique is not it? can you imagine?that stone for thousands of years it stood without ever falling.

balancing a unique stone or rock is located in the village named Tiverton’s actually quite far from the capital of Canada, because it is a small coral island. But a stone known as “Balancing Rock” was able to make a remote place it into a special tourist attraction, and the balancing rock that make up the atoll famous throughout the world. many tourists who have seen and proved “balancing rock” with their own eyes. all the people who had come there definitely will not forget this unique experience.

balancing rock in canada

balancing rock in canada

if you want to go there, you have to be patient because the journey to the island were pretty time consuming. From Digby city, travelers should ride through the port of Digby Ferry to Long Island, where the islands are coral Tiverton.

In the 1990s, when the existence of Balancing Rock has not been widespread as today, the place is still a dangerous place and hard to reach. Tourism in the Tiverton area is still growing rapidly. But it’s different with present day, since the existence of Balancing Rock is spread by the photographers, and various travel tour stones balance making it so one of the prime tourist attraction, then start Tiverton visited by tourists. and access to the “balancing rock” has been fixed and develops and also updated, so you’ll have no trouble again because as a tourist destination, “balancing rock” are supposed to be easily accessible.

idea of “balancing rock”: stone that stands on the seafront with a high rock about 30 feet that nearly 50% of them depend on the sea edge. It is only natural that the hand guard there for thousands of years of storms and rain and strong wind without the same unwavering sekali.Balancing Rock belongs to the rock ‘Basalt’, which is the result of activity of volcanology. He came to the earth’s surface vertically.
so, if you are a nature lover? tourist or adventurer? have you went to visit the “balancing rock”? of course only you can answer that 🙂

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