Bali is the famous tourism around the world

Bali is the famous tourism around the world and also cultural and natural tourism

who doesn’t know about Bali? Bali is the most visited place by tourist all around the world. beautiful views, best traveling and easy to got there. you don’t have to spent your many much. Bali attraction and tourism provide some extra ordinary place and resort for you. yo can make a love story and unforgotable moment in  Bali. If you like some hand craft or souvenirs, there are so many beautiful thing there, such as painting, sculpture and so many ting.

There are so many sculpture that’s always make Bali as a tourism attractive destination, specially for tourist who likes in arts…

below are some of Bali’s art and

1. Amazing Bali’s sculpture, GOD of war sculpture.

2. Lizard arts, souvenir you can buy at Bali, INDONESIA.

3.more beautiful and more many sculpture.

4. God describe in sculpture.

5. famous sculpture of I NYOMAN INUARTA.

6. souvenirs

7. sculpture of garuda wisnu kencana at Jimbaran park

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