just my word for my love story

taken from my fb notes: I write this, because this is a valentine days.

everybody wanna share about their love story, so do I.

i said

“you live far away from me. we seems on the same place but we arent.
all around each of us is different at all.
we are different in all the ways and things,but in love.
rest of my live,i just waiting the one like you and no others .i never found like you before.thanks.
i see what you see.
i felt what you felt.
i heard what you heard.
you are a half of mine, so do i.
time,place and the fact are not belong to us.take it easy .
its gonna be oke and we have to belive that we gonna be the best.
make it a beautiful story as a part of our live.
together or not,you will always happy.amen
my praying is always for you..
take care…………..”

on my mind “I meet her, so someday I have to be separated from her too. I realized that one thing. it doest matter how short time I shared with her as long as I have the best”

for you the most I loved, where ever you are, or who ever with you, i just pray that you will always fine and happy.

from my deepest hearth ” I love you” thanks for being my part yesterday…………………….

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