Japan as the Modern and cultural Tourism

Japan Attraction is the most Unique and Modern ever

When talk about culture and nation, the Japanese state listed as first in the world’s most unique cultures. How not, a country known for cherry blossoms has a series of beliefs and traditions which remain stable from generation to generation. Not infrequently, the Japanese culture is so global sports like Sumo, which is a religious ritual background.
Fujiyama mountain in Japan

Fujiyama mountain in Japan

A variety of Japanese culture was born from the imperial era which is also influenced by other cultures such as Europe, Asia and Central America. Japan is one country that has its own letter and shall be used by all citizens. Japanese culture many of the paintings with the theme of Japanese nature or the official characters or gods. Unique form of painting, the human objects with a unique shape. Drawing media also unique, different from the canvas in general, the Japanese media painting of a rectangle of paper without a frame.

In addition to painting, the Japanese state is also famous for writing calligraphy with kanji and Hiragana. Calligraphy in Japanese is called Shodo. In addition to calligraphy, Japanese has complicated letters, but must be learned by the people of Japan. This letter is written with a brush and used as a national letter either in books, papers and the Internet. Because it’s a keyboard in Japan has two types of letters of Latin script as well as Hiragana.

the famous and holy senso-ji temple

the famous and holy senso-ji temple

In addition, Japanese culture is famous architecture of the building. The wall of the paper, sliding doors, lanterns and arched roof that is same with Chinese architecture.Japanese architectural style is inspired by China, but modified in certain areas, especially in terms of the existence of these architectures to coexist with nature Japanese.

As with the landscape, Japan is a country filled with mountains and small islands. A variety of the best natural attractions in Japan include the famous mountain Fujiyama. This mountain has eternal snow on top. Most of the natural condition of the Japanese state in the form of mountains, forests and hills that have a variety of flora and fauna.

the famous and holy senso-ji temple

the famous and holy senso-ji temple

The travelers who visit Tokyo or Osaka may not know that about this, but if you are visiting the area located between Hokkaido and Okinawa, then you will find a variety of plants unique to Japan, volcanoes, hot springs, cliffs and valleys.
A variety of natural flora in Japan is famous pine tree, Momiji, Ume or Japanese plum flower and the most famous course is the cherry. Some Japanese cultural tradition that is still used today actually inspired from nature. An example is the tradition of Hanami or see cherry blossom and the tradition was carried tea slowly while admiring the beauty of nature.

and the most identic from japan is sakura flower.

the unique of sakura flower in japan

the unique of sakura flower in japan

Flowering cherry trees between January and June, depending on each region in Japan, but most often this Japanese flower festival takes place between March and May.Currently, there are many festivals in different places in Japan, so you have every chance to find one of them if you decide to come to this extraordinary event.The most important festivals are: Yaedake festival in the town of Motobu (February 16 to January 7), the festival in the city of Matsuyama Matsuyama Shiroyama Koen (2-4 April), the festival Matsue in Matsue Jozan Koen (March 27-April 15), the festival Tsuyama Kakuzan Koen in Tsuyama (early April), Koshi Takato Koen festivals in Takato-machi Ina (April), the festival in the city of Joetsu Takada Koen (April 2 to 18), Tenshochi Kitakami in Kitakami festival (April 15 to May 5), Hirosaki Koen festival in Hirosaki (April-May) or the festival in Matsumae Matsumae Koen Park (April-May).

These festivals are celebrations of the largest to see cherry blossoms in Japan. From a few hundred to tens of thousands of trees cherry trees in Japan, of course there are still many other smaller festivals in every place where cherry blossoms grow.

Cherry blossoms are the main attraction of this event, and the Japanese people celebrate through a variety of other activities. Among the most beautiful thing that can not be missed is the traditional Japanese music and theater, tea ceremony or family gathering to eat under the trees. The celebration does not stop even after the day ends, the gardens here will be lit all night.

Cherry tree is one of the sacred symbol in Japanese culture. The festival of this kind is the perfect event to understand a part of Japanese culture and traditions of the country that remains unchanged to this day. In some of the biggest festivals, you can get around by train in the park or a boat on the river, while accompanied by glowing flowers of this beautiful Japanese.

If you want to come to one of the many festivals throughout Japan the cherry blossoms, you can go there through a lot of flights to the largest cities on the island. You do not need to worry because the distance is not a hindrance, because the transportation system is very modern Japanese state, the time you spend here will not be wasted in vain.

Even you can find the actual values ​​of this country, both culturally and technologically. If you want to do something really special and unique, it is time to start planning your trip at Sunrise this country. Cherry blossom festival will be waiting for you at every spring lasts.


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