How To Make a good article ?

How To Make a good and Best article For your Blog?


Actually this is not collection of tutorial articles. But the only tips to make a tutorial article that I share. Reflecting the experience, here are some tips for writing articles tutorials? you have to pay attention from some step: Systematic form, Getting a Case Study, Finding the variation case, Use the Popular language, Maximize the  Screen Shoot, give some Humor sense, contacted. here it is for details:
1. Systematic form.
The explanation begins with a simple explanation along with examples of light to the heaviest. If necessary, write a little background and history of the event will answer the reason why the reader should continue to follow your tutorial.
2. Getting a Case Study.
It is not easy to find a case study. But if you often  blog and exchange ideas with experts like Mizan, alan and you’ll get a detailed explanation of this. For example, the benefits and side effects of the use of a tool for two different blog themes.
3. Finding the variation case.
Sophistication of automated technology followed by increasingly wide variety of problems arise. Occasionally you need to develop insight to problem solving is also growing. For example, why a plugin so error on the themes used by the Thesis WordPress platform 3.0.Or for the sale of VCC, you must think how to problem solving to answer the same questions in different people who interfere with your life every day.
4. Use the Popular language.
In order for writing the tutorial you are more familiar with the reader, use simple language and relax. Wearing the proper official language is good structure by language teachers.But you can ignore this article on creating a tutorial. Language of everyday speech that ‘I really’ could be the best solution in the transfer of thought.
5. Maximize the  Screen Shoot.
There are some netter that match the learning method visualis. That is, many see a lot to learn. Today more and more extensions are useful to make screen shoot. Just choose the proper to the browser you are using now.
6. give some Humor sense
Please remember that the read the article you are human, not robots. Therefore, the occasional flash of humor writing can be beneficial to reduce the awesomeness technical stuff. Suppose you insert the sentence: “Eh, you are familiar with the above explanation?”
7. contacted.
If you dare to write an article tutorial, you are ready to accept the effect of your writing. This could be a complaint for nonconformity results, things are still unclear, further actions after the end of the process and so on. Therefore, the inclusion of an email address or blog URL becomes important as a form of responsibility if there is nothing.
So you may started from now, gud luck brothers and sisters 🙂 ………….

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