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Bali Arts Festival

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This is one art event in Bali’s most large and vibrant. Bali Arts Festival or more commonly abbreviated as CBA is carried out once a year. PKB was held within a period of about a month, usually in July. This month was chosen in order to fill the holiday school children who usually falls for the month.

the best Bali Arts Festival is one showcase for art and culture of Bali. Almost all districts in Bali berpartisifasi in this event, both in terms of arts, crafts or captivating performances. Performed a variety of art, be it dance, traditional clothing, handicrafts, and the results of the other arts.

A series of Bali Arts Festival is usually preceded by a parade held along jalna Kingdom Puputan, precisely around the field Renon Denpasar. The parade is usually done on Saturdays, the goal that all residents can see it. The parade will be opened by the president of Indonesia or official representative. In the reign of President Suharto, who opened the event is mostly vice president because the president is absent but in the administration of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, our president is often the opening PKB directly.

Bali Arts Festival parade performed by all participants district arts and culture events this. Parade participants were divided according to districts that usually presents typical local arts. Like the Tabanan regency, often presenting arts-related characteristic area known as the granary. In addition, the parade of bridal apparel, women with traditional clothes and uphold the arrangement of fruits and flowers in a container, or better known as gebogan in the head, traditional dances, or the national game of the children are always present in every organization of art events in Bali.

After the parade, then the show will be held for nearly a month at the Art Centre Denpasar. There are two theaters were used, namely a closed stage or open stage. Specifically used as an open stage events such as art colossal Ballet, Dance or Kecak dance the other. Art is the representation presented their respective districts, although there is also a foreign art enliven this event. This foreign art usually comes from Korea, Japan, Thailand or China.

In addition to arts events such as dances, gambelan or traditional games, PKB also have some kind of craft art exhibitions. Exhibitors come from all regions in Indonesia. Various goods on display are traditional clothes like tentun or songket cloth, bamboo crafts, painting or other crafts.

Few tips for you who want to shop in this exhibition, buy goods on the last day of the exhibition. Usually the price will be lowered because exhibitors from outside Bali lazy to bring their goods back.

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  1. When is the arts festival? Is it around mid year?

    • yup, its around mid year, june or july,the last Bali Arts Festival was on June 11, 2011.
      please, come, visit, and enjoy it 🙂
      thanks for coming dude 🙂

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