Kelimutu National Park of Flores in Indonesia

 National park as Tourism attraction and also as the rare animal protection

endemic bird species of kelimutu

Maybe some of you have never tried trekking to Lake Flores, but some may still dreaming to visit it. The lake, which has three colors at the top of this locatedin Kelimutu National Park.

Travel by rental car with a capacity of seven seats can keep you entertained with impressive scenery along the road for several hours. Winding journey that connects the island covering an area of 350 kilometers is however also a fair price for the beauty of the panorama of Flores who deserves to be discussed.

National Parks Flores is the smallest national park of six national parks in Bali and Nusa Tenggara. However, the size, is not so important when you see the natural beauty of this national park has to offer. Here there are three lakes located at the top of Mount Flores. All three lakes have the same name and is popularly known as Lake Flores. Each lake has the colors and their meanings. All three lakes were believed to be a place bersemayamnya spirits and also believed to have a very powerful force of nature.Lake Flores popularized a Dutch citizen named Van Such Telen 1915. Its beauty the more widely known after Y Bouman describe the beauty and the lake water discoloration in his writings in 1929.

Kelimutu Lake of Flores in Indonesia

Kelimutu Lake of Flores in Indonesia

To reach the location of the lake, you can start from Moni, a small town which is the base camp of the backpacker. Sights along the path to the location of the lake is very beautiful.

Most western lakes called Tiwu Mbupu Ata, which means “lake the souls of parents who have died”. The lake is located in the middle of the lake called Nuwa Muri Koo Fai Tiwu or “lake for the souls of young people who have died”. The most eastern lakes called Tiwu Ata Polo or “lake for the souls for those who do evil”. The third color lake is always changing.

There are other lakes in the world that can change color, such as Blue Lake at Mount Gambier in South Australia, which changes the color blue to gray color and can be predicted. There is also a lake on Mount Yudamari Nakade, Japan, which changes color from green to green toska.

Water discoloration Lake Flores is unpredictable. Sometimes the color can be blue, green, and black, and other times can be white, red, and blue and some time ago dark brown.

Scientifically, the color change is a factor Lake Flores mineral content, moss, and rocks inside the crater and also the influence of sunlight. Scientists believe the lake was formed from ancient volcanic eruption.

This phenomenon has attracted the attention of geologists because of the existence of the lake which has three different colors, but it was in this same mountain. Local people in Moni sure, the people who live around the lake have done evil and death.

Flores Lake National Park is part of Flores. The highest point of this national park is located 5679 feet on Mount Kelibara (1731 meters) and Mount Flores or as high as 5544 feet (1690 meters).

Flores National Park is a habitat for about 19 endangered bird species, including pigeon Flores (Treron florist), Wallacea owl (Otus silvicola), flycatchers jungle-swinging (Rhinomyias oscillans), kancilan Flores (Pachycephala nudigula), junk dwarf ( Pericrocotus lansbergei), tesia Timor (Tesia everetti), opior crest (Lophozosterops dohertyi), opior half thick (Heleia crassirostris), chili gold (Dicaeum annae), kehicap flores (Monarcha sacerdotum), Matari honey bird (Nectarinia solaris), and the eagle Flores (Spizaetus florists).

Here also can be found mountain rats (Bunomys naso), banteng (Bos javanicus javanicus), deer (Muntiacus muntjak nainggolani), cat (Pardofelis marmorata), pangolin (Manis javanica), porcupine (Hystrix brachyura brachyura), and deer (Tragulus javanicus javanicus).

Local people believe that this lake is where the souls of the dead rest. Flores area surrounded by forest covered a variety of plants that are rarely found elsewhere on Flores. In addition to pine trees, there are also ferns, plant genera Casuarina, redwood and edelweiss flower.

Pine forests thrive in the heights of Mount Flores. Another area of barren mountain with sand and soil that is unstable. Local people believe, of Mount Flores is the sacred mountain and is a source of fertility to the soil around it.

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