Tourism attraction in malaysia

Tourism attraction in malaysia

Tourist attractions in Malaysia quite a lot because this country is quite large when compared to neighboring Singapore. We will provide suggestions for the show what you can do and places you should visit if you are on holiday to Malaysia.
here it is from malaysia:
1. Petronas towers
a very famous twin towers are located in Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur meruapak modern cosmopolitan city. Also where the famous twin towers were located.
2. Pangkor Island
Pangkor Island fishing village with a combination of charming and luxury resort is an amazing tourist destination and easily accessible.
3. Langkawi

Natural forests, caves with stunning stalactites and beautiful beaches with sparkling water like an emerald.
4. Gunug Kinabalu
The highest mountain between New Guinea and the Himalayas and has stunning views.
5. Genting Highlands
If you want to find solitude to relax, this place is the most ideal holiday location for you.
6. Fraser ‘s Hill
Bukit Fraser small village surrounded by rain forest Pahang state. Plateau region is situated at an altitude of 1.524 meters above sea level is a place for nature lovers.
7. Endau Rompin Park
Township which still practice the old way of life such as hunting and gathering food in the forest. They also have a variety of stories and legends concerning this forest that has been passed down from generation to generation.
8. Pulau Redang / Redang Island. On this island you can enjoy water sports such as scuba diving, snorkeling, wind surfing, fishing, seeing the beautiful scenery and a perfect place for a honeymoon or if you want to photograph prewedding this is a perfect place to immortalize your prewedding photos.

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Oke, whereever you decide to go is up to you, have nice day and Tourism activity reader ………………….. :)

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