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The Great ancient of Rome Empire of ITALY

Italy is a great tourism attraction among many nation on the world, its a great deal when you are in italy,, Because there so many tourism activity you can to  do. Such as, there are so many kind of Ex- of the ancient Roman Empire glories. (the cities of Rome: Venice, Florence, and Milan; the ski resorts in the north; and the Amalfi Coast and the many lovely Italian beaches, Italy has all thetourist wanted and needed.

you may need some Navigation?i’ll describe it for you:

you may better started to see The famouse or greatest Colosseum,

The city of Rome in Italy has a great rich history. There are number of places from ancient times. There is the Pantheon temple, complex of Roman Forum, the Capitoline Hill etc. Among these amazing sites there is the most amazing of the all, the Colloseum, originally the Amphitheatrum Flavium. This is a real great site to see. This is the greatest and the largest ever build amphitheatre from the ancient times. Amphitheatre is a type of theatre which was invented back in the history by the Greek engineers. The main distinguishing word is Amphi which means round, so the word amphitheatre means round theatre. In such kind of theatre the people sit around the stage and enjoy the games or other festivities. The Colosseum is one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. By visiting the site it is believed that it is undoubtedly the engineering and archeological wonder of the world. Initially construction was started in 71 AD and completed in 80 AD. The reign of Domitian’s made some modifications during 81 AD to 96 AD. It is a gre

Climb the tower of Pisa

Perhaps only the Eiffel Tower is more immediately noticeable, making this one the most famous places to visit in Italy. The tilting heart of an entire city, the tower symbolizes many things to many people and pictures do not do it justice.

Spend an afternoon on a Sicilian beach

Leave behind the medieval squares of Taormina for a day and sunbathe upon one of the foremost beaches in the country. The crowds descend upon the resort town every summer to witness the celestial blue Mediterranean waters, but the crowds are half the fun.

Sample Chiantis in Siena

Easily one of the top things to do in Italy, it doesn’t matter if you are a wine connoisseur. Even if you can’t tell a vin santo from olive oil, the wine selection in the heart of the Tuscany region should not be missed. A great way to relax and enjoy a meal within the city”s glowing medieval walls.

Float down the Grand Canal

The city of Venice was constructed to face the water, not the city streets. Thus, if you want to see a rich tapestry of facades and palazzos, the best way to do so is from the sea. In Venice, the narrow streets seem designed by a deranged person, you have to pay exorbitant rates to traverse the waterways and you are constantly surrounded by a glut of tourists in Venice – but one trip down one of the most famous places to visit in Italy and any complaints about the city will simply die away.

Walk the Waterfront in Naples

The Gulf Of Naples can be seen from many different vantage points in Italy, but amble down the Santa Lucia or Via Partenope to gawk at the sea in all its vivid beauty.

Take A Bus to Anacapri

Definitely not for the feint of heart, this unnerving ride into the sharp cliffs of the isle of Capri is certainly not for everyone. But the views from the highest point of the island are well worth it, and the city itself is sleepy and secluded even in the hot summer months. If you want a break from the beach or to take a trip that you will never forget, this is a welcome addition to any trip to Italy.

The Boboli Gardens

These are certainly not the best maintained, nor even the most picturesque gardens in the country. But there is a reason this is one of the most famous places to visit in Italy – these grounds encapsulate the history and glory of the city of Florence like no other attraction in the city. The royal Medici family was frequent guests within the garden walls, and the serene woods and strange mishmash of statues and fountains add to the garden’s charm. The pinnacle of the grounds is the view of the city from the towering belvedere.

Eat in the Trastevere District

Italy is well known for its delicious and exhaustive menus, but top chefs from all over the country have declared this district in Rome as their home. Ask strangers in the street to name their favorite restaurant in Trastevere and you will likely get a hundred different answers, and not one of them will disappoint.

Bicycle through Tuscany

The best way to immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of this region is to simply get on a bike and pick a direction. A highlight of any trip to Italy, the roads connecting Florence and Siena run along splashing hills and scenic vineyards, full of the entire lush splendor that one has come to expect from the area.

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