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You Wanna see the world? oh, you got an Empty bank account? Don’t worry and be happy ; there are so many ways that you can get to travel frequently without lilling your budget.

First, you have to be flexible in where will you travel to and when you go. If you have your heart set on a particular destination, you’ll probably end up paying over the odds to go there. If you spot a bargain destination, grab it. Chances are you’ll have the best time of your life. If you can travel mid-week, out of season and avoid college vacation time, then you’re more likely to be able to pick up cheap travel tickets and accommodation.

Use your contacts! You’ve probably got loads of friends and friends of friends all over the world via social networking sites. They may be happy to put you up for a few days for free, especially if you’re prepared to reciprocate. Make sure never to outstay your welcome though and offer to contribute to expenses. Another alternative that relies on the goodwill of strangers is “couchsurfing”. Alternatively, consider house swapping with someone for a really cheap vacation.

Consider getting a temporary job that actually pays you to travel! You could work as a tour guide, courier, paid companion, home help or au-pair for example. Or how about delivering cars? There are companies out there that need people to deliver vehicles for them, sometimes across continents.

Another way to satisfy your  feet is to volunteer. There are plenty of charitable organizations that need willing people to work on their projects. You normally have to cover your travel costs but once you’re there, your living expenses are usually taken care of and you can always extend your stay after your volunteering period ends.

Even on a tight budget, frequent travel is possible!

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