Fitt and Fittest body for Traveling


being fitt on Traveling

being fitt on Traveling

How can you gonna be on your tourism  adventure? If you unfit, so I’am gonna give you some tips, and it’s for your own goodness.

Here we go: Here is what a fit person does:

  1. Always has mineral water bottle, drink it often
  2. Looks at exercise as a pleasure and privilege not a burden or chore.
  3.  Thinks twice before deciding what to eat and making sure that it is healthy and will give their body good nutrition.
  4. Takes action to solve problems when things get emotional, instead of turning to food as a cure.
  5.  Starts the day with a well balanced meal.
  6.  Starts each day with positive input – from material that’s listened to or read, helping them to remain positive throughout the day
  7.  Drink a minimum amount of caffeine – only in the form of coffee or tea.
  8.  Has long term goals and a plan of how to achieve them, leaves nothing to chance.
  9.  Focuses on short-term goals with emphasis on completing daily actions.
  10.  Lives with a purpose – wakes up each day knowing what they are working toward something greater than can be accomplished in a doesn’t suddenly become healthier because it’s an “off day”.
  11.  Has a daily planner with the day’s actions written down in order to keep track of what needs to be done, what has been done, and what was not accomplished
  12. Reviews each day at the end of the day to set tomorrow’s actions and
  13.  Always makes time for relaxing and rewards at scheduled times.
  14.  Never leads an unhealthy lifestyle when on vacation, they take optimal health with them everywhere they go.
  15.  Sees health as a privilege, not something to take for granted.
  16.  Likes to contribute to the health of others by having a partner or friends to exercise with, as well as recruiting others who desire to get fit.
  17. Learns new ways and new techniques for exercising.
    19. Avoids monotony by taking up new forms of exercising.
  18.  Subscribes to health magazines to keep focused on a healthy way of life.
  19.  Invests in workout clothes, good tennis shoes, and other apparel.
  20.  Never takes their health for granted by taking a day off from a healthy life—unhealthy …friends to exercise with, as well as recruiting others who desire to get fit.
  21.  Knows when too much of a good thing is no longer a good thing.
  22.  Keeps a sharp mind and a positive attitude with educational and motivational material rather than wasting energy on negative or counterproductive things
  23.  Takes time to count the many blessings that are present in life each day
  24.  Realizes that life and all things natural is a gift and should be taken care of and preserved for the health of all.
  25.  Brushes off criticism, and doesn’t dwell on negative comments from others
  26.  Attempts to bring calm and reasoning to a hostile or chaotic situation.
  27.  Responds to a challenge, not reacting to what difficulties may be present
  28.  Knows that there is so much that is not known.
  29.  Understands that time is limited here on Earth .
  30.  Learns to live without regrets, and that life is the experiences that we choose.
  31.  Takes daily vitamin and mineral supplements that support a healthy balance. And makes sure that they have adequate fiber sources in their diet for healthy human function.
  32.  Values organization so as not to have “clutter” in their life.
  33.  Values good hygiene inside – the mind and organs and muscles – as well as on the outside – skin, hair, and nails.
  34.  Seeks natural methods of health care – massage, chiropractic, naturopathic in addition to medical care.
  35.  Taking exercise to new levels.
  36. Create a schedule for ultimate health and fitness.
  37.  Move beyond the boundaries of weight loss and into fitness.
  38.  Strive to reach their dreams every day.
  39.  Live each day to its fullest.
  40.  Do not get into “wacky” diets and eating plans.
  41.  Lives a balanced life – exercise, work, family, and GOD.
  42.  Gets adequate amounts of sleep.
  43.  Avoid medications and drugs of all sort unless absolutely necessary.
  44.  Limits alcohol intake only for special occasions.
  45.  Does what other the average person doesn’t want to do.
  46.  Exercises discipline by following a daily regimen.
  47.  Takes a vacation by doing activities – jet skiing, snow skiing, mountain biking, hiking in the outback, going to a getaway spa.
  48.  Knows that life is fulfilling with optimal health in the mind, spirit and body!

So, if you try to do all of them, I quaranty that you gonna be fittest all the day, especially on your tourism adventure.

Oke, that all, go a head, lets do it,  let go to tourism adventure , just go where ever you want 🙂

try to go to all tourism destination like indonesia fresh and wonderful tourism ever

or wanna see the great wall of china/yes you can, go to Bali?the most amazing tourism destination by tourist around the world, you can do anything if you are on the fittest level.


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