Fresh of Wonosobo, Dieng Plateu, Jawa tengah

 Fresh of Wonosobo, Dieng Plateu, Jawa tengah

                  Wonosobo is a small city in Central Java Province of Indonesia, which lies on the slopes of several mountains and ridges. Wonosobo region situated on the slopes of Mount Sindoro, Cleft, Prahu, Bismo, and on the slopes of the mountains Telomoyo, Tampomas, and Songgoriti. The total area is 984.68 km Wonosobo regency square, located between 7 ° 11 ° and 7 ° 04 ° south latitude, 109 ° 43 ° and 110 ° 04 ° East Longitude. Wonosobo district within 120 km from the capital city of Central Java Province and 520 km from state capital (Jakarta) with a height ranging from 270 meters to 2250 meters above sea level.

Tourism Destination: Dieng temple, menjer lake, color lake, wadaslintang reservoir, mountain climbing etc.


Dieng Temple of Wonosobo Tourism destination

Wonosobo in hydrological and geological has the potential of natural very large resources. Because of its location in the vicinity of the volcano is still young, the very high soil fertility. The soil fertility was very influential on the potential of agriculture and plantations in Wonosobo, so that agriculture and plantation is an important source of income for Wonosobo.

Wonosobo district has many attractions, including the Dieng Plateau, Lake Color, Lake Pengilon and Semar Cave, Crater Sikendang, Tuk Bimolukar, Agro Tourism Tambi, Lake Menjer and various other tourism references.

Wonosobo also rich’s in culture and traditional arts. Traditional arts more widely used to attract tourists, especially foreign tourists, in order to visit and stay longer in Wonosobo. Traditional dances are also often displayed on special celebrations such as birthdays independence of Indonesia, a family celebration, etc.

Typically food and special food:

Tempe kemul, it’s a very delicious snack made from a mixed proces
of fermented soybean, flour, and few spices, with natural dyes by turmeric, so its safety for your health. tips, eat with chili is great and hot.

unique food

tempe kemul

Mie ongklok, with sate and some delicious additional for desert.

its a nodles

traditional nodles (Mie ongklok in Wonosobo)

Carica, it’s a special fruits, just like papaya but in a small. It can be made as a pleasure confentionery.

 carica fruit still hang on the tree

carica in a ready eat paket

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