Lombok Island

LOMBOK ISLAND is the most beautiful Place after BALI ISland

Lombok is the most popular destination After Bali, the Gili islands attract visitors with stories for the action in and out of the water, the mighty Mount Rinjani, and a great opportunity on the southern coast magnet for surfers. Matram, the capital of Lombok, is an ideal place for day trips to near and near Senggigi superbly situated in a lane or scenicriver. To the east of Lombok, Sumbawa is very nice and low key tourism offer some great surfing vacation orholiday. for more information about lombok, you can visit lombok map.

Lombok beach

Lombok beach

Lombok island forms up to about 80 km from east to west and nearly the same from north to south, over looking the green and chronic dry. Drought, particularly in the south and east, it can last for months, causing damage to crops and hunger – although some improvements in water management has made life in Lombok is less dangerous.

Indigenous Sasak (about 90% of the population) are Muslims, but has a unique culture and language in Lombok. There is also a significant minority Hindu Balinese – a legacy of Bali controlled Lombok.

Rice is an important crop, although the result is less than here in the islands. Tobacco,coconut, coffee crops, and cotton are also important, and cloves, vanilla, pineapple and pepper was introduced.

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