The Amazing France

France is one of a tourist destination.
France is the number one tourist destination in the world of people around the worldbeauty of Eifel tower in the night, and it is not hard to see the reason  why.France has it all – and more or less. He tourist attractions for all tastes, has some of the largest beaches in Europe, as well as the highest mountains and most beautiful historic monuments, the most beautiful cities, the most idyllic scenery, the most magnificent castles of the best rivers and many more for not to mention some of the best restaurants and hotels and the best wines more than any other country in Europe.
France has something for everyone, which is one of the reasons why the world is still the number one tourist destination. It has excellent recreational opportunities for all, a short weekend city break in places like Paris, Nice or Bordeaux for a relaxing family holiday cottage in rural areas, a week or two to rest at sea, or brisk walking break , rock climbing, kayaking and cycling in the fresh air of France.

Cultural Tourism in France
French Museums and art galleries – that contrary to popular belief, not all of them are located in Paris – offers a magnificent collection of artworks and artifacts, and for those for whom the holiday an opportunity to discover the historical heritage of Europe, France’s great cathedrals, medieval castles, ancient monuments and thousands other treasure waiting to be discovered. For the case breaks, castles of the Loire (in the central region of France) are the obvious choice, among many other historical sites, see Finding the remains of Roman Provence, medieval Bastide town in the south-west, or castles and caves of the Dordogne. There are even some scenic railway ferry for those who enjoy a trip down memory lane. Check the regional directories, information on attractions, monuments and tourist attractions in each area.

French Beaches:
In July and August, the Mediterranean beaches of France growing niche very crowded, especially by well-known resorts of Provence and French Riviera. On the other hand, long sandy beaches of legroom Languedoc offer more. Away from the resorts, Brittany offers many good beaches, with the added pleasure of the tides and the waves are good and the French Atlantic coast, south of the Loire, there are many long sandy beaches, in areas of Poitou-Charentes and Aquitaine. To the south of Bordeaux, there are miles on miles of beautiful beaches. For more information, see the French coast.
France off the beaten corner:
If you want life, culture and bustle of the city, go to Paris. But France is much more than in Paris. There are many places in the deep rural France, which is still far off the beaten path, but also for camping holidays, Gite holiday, or for those who are content to invest in small cottages, some regions of France offer excellent opportunities for outdoor free away from it all. Five French departments (counties) that are especially worth checking out are the Aveyron (Midi-Pyrenees region), Haute-Loire (Auvergne), Correze (Limousin), Jura (Franche Comté) and Vosges (Lorraine): all of these departments include sparsely populated areas attractive landscapes, and many leisure activities – or just some great places to sit with a glass of wine, relax and enjoy the peace and tranquility.
Driving in France
France has an extensive network of roads, and many offer relatively relaxed driving conditions, except for peak periods. Off-road driving Backroads of France can be a way to find the car as it used to be a pleasant way to discover the country. For more information, visit our guide – driving tips and recommendations. and our list of things to remember before you leave.

Culture and institutions of France
The last, for those seeking a better understanding of France, this site contains pages explaining about tourism of France//

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