Bali is the One of the most beautiful Places ever on Earth, there is no places but there

The Fact
Bali is a rich island in Indonesia, from cultures, views,etc. and the most specially in uniqe culture. Bali is one among thousand islands that created a very beautiful shape of Indonesia. because of Republic, Bali has become main destination for tourists from around the world, who have chosen to travel stricken area of ​​tropical Asia.

Regency of Bali is separated or divided into eight districts collectively. They are: from Badung Bangli, Buleleng, Gianyar, Jembrana Karangasem, Klungkung and Tabanan.

Bali has a long history of  ice age (pre-historic times) to the modern, global civilization. With its unique dynamic characteristics, demonstrating the selectivity and versatility, Bali’s culture survived and became the center of world wide attention and became the center of world tourism. All that can not be separated from bali culture maintained naturaly, bali unique authenticity.

Bali is an crouded island that has a very huge population. Most of the population live in villages dikemaserat between 2000 to 4000 people in lereng selatan fertile island, along the back bukit yang thats bring easy irrigation channels. Its only fifteen minutes walk from one village to another through open field. The way of people in BALI.

The most of unique from Bali is ” there is no and no day without ceremony. here its about a duty to promote their own land, culture. And its balanced for the human relationship between humans, gods and nature. These principles cames for being sacrifice wholeheartedly, its called Yadnya.(unique ritual and ceremony from bali)

Traditional Balinese architecture is a combination of balanced relations between Bhuwana Agung (the universe, the larger world,) and Bhuwana alit (human, small miniature). Traditional Iniarsitektur is mixed by Hindu culture influence, Chinese Buddhism, and the Megalithic culture. More …

Bali is the beautiful places with its uniqe art and cultur, an so many best beaautiful souvenir you can find at BALI.

Either with Bali’s craft 


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